Exit Survey
OTA is looking for Carrier feedback on the use of pre-clearance technology. This information will help to inform future conversations between OTA and MTO on the upgrading of technology at truck inspection stations in Ontario.
Individual responses will be kept confidential.
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How many trucks are in your fleet?
Which pre-clearance / weigh-scale by-pass programs are you currently using in other jurisdictions? (Please list all that apply)
Please list the benefits your operation sees from the use of pre-clearance / scale by pass systems?
Which MTO truck inspection stations locations should be prioritized for pre-clearance / scale by pass system to start?
Are there any jurisdictions that standout to you in terms of how to best manage a pre-clearance / weigh scale by pass program? Please list all that apply.
As Ontario moves forward with planning for pre-clearance / weigh scale by pass, what improvements would you like to see added in Ontario compared to other jurisdictions and the programs they use?
Would you consider enrolling in an Ontario pre-clearance / weigh scale by pass system?
If yes, how many trucks in your fleet would you enroll?
If no, please explain why.
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